Grinch Horror Movie That Will ‘Ruin Christmas’ Drops First Trailer

The Grinch horror movie trailer has just dropped - and the iconic character has been reimagined as a killer for the Christmas thriller.
Credit: Atlas Film Distribution

A new trailer for a Grinch horror movie has just dropped – and the iconic character has been reimagined as a Christmas killer.

The story is one of the latest children’s tales to get a dark retelling following Winnie the Pooh – who turns evil in the upcoming thriller Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey.

Now the beloved Christmas character will undergo the same treatment as the first trailer for The Mean One has just dropped.

Watch the trailer for The Mean One below…

The trailer for this upcoming festive horror teases plenty of violence, jump scares, and a bit of wacky nonsense that stays true to the much-adored Dr Seuss character.

The Grinch has previously been played by Jim Carrey in How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) and was recently voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch in the animated film The Grinch (2018).

However, this version of the character will be played by David Howard Thornton, who is known for playing Art the Clown in the Terrifier franchise.

Most recently, he starred in Terrifier 2, which is meant to be so scary that viewers were fainting, throwing up and fleeing the cinema.

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People on social media have been reacting to the first trailer for The Mean One.

One person shared: “The Grinch was my childhood! Can’t wait to see this!”

Another said: “This trailer is so damn good I ready for it kinda scared but I’m down.”

Someone else added: “This looks horrible; I’ll take five tickets. Taking all my friends with me.”

However, not everyone is a fan, with one viewer writing: “That looks absolutely horrible.”

The Mean One
The Mean One will turn the iconic Christmas character into a horror monster. Credit: Atlas Film Distribution

The synopsis for the upcoming film reads: “In a sleepy mountain town, Cindy has her parents murdered and her Christmas stolen by a bloodthirsty green figure in a red Santa suit – The Mean One.

“But when the ravenous, Christmas-hating creature begins to terrorise the town and threatens to ruin the holiday, she finds a new purpose – trapping and killing the monster.”

While it will follow some of the same stories as the iconic Dr Seuss novel, it teases that will include some horror/slasher tropes too.

The studio’s manager of acquisitions and development, Alex Williams, told Deadline: “As a passionate fan of seasonal horror, The Mean One is exactly the kind of film that lands on my personal ‘nice list’. 

“This movie is a stunningly great time with a ferociously subversive turn from David Howard Thornton – and XYZ Films is so proud to be bringing this soon-to-be iconic Christmas slasher to audiences this holiday season.”

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The trend for this upcoming season seems to be turning Christmas character’s into violent killers, as shown by the Violent Night trailer which turns Santa Claus into John Wick.

One user on social media also acknowledged that by writing: “First Violent Night now this! Let the slay bells ring!”

The Mean One will be getting a limited release in theatres on December 9, which you can get tickets for here, and will be available to stream on all platforms for free on December 15.

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