Groom Slammed For ‘Humiliating’ Bride With ‘Vulgar’ Vows

A groom is being slammed on social media for 'humiliating' his bride with his 'vulgar' vows. 
Credit: @lensculture/TikTok

A groom is being slammed on social media for ‘humiliating’ his bride with his ‘vulgar’ vows. 

Photographer Jonathan Pajak has taken to TikTok and gone viral after sharing a clip of a man reading out his vows to his partner.

In the video, Pajak speaks to the camera and introduces viewers to the groom named Michael.

He asks the man if he has any words to say for his future bride – called Destiny – before they tie the knot.

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Michael says: “I hope we have a lot of s**. A lot.”

The cameraman then jokes that this alone should be a warning sign of what is to come at the vows.

It then cuts to Michael and his bride at the ceremony as his own mother officiates.

He can be seen looking at Destiny before whispering: “You’re screwed.”

Michael then reads his pre-prepared vows, saying: “Only two things are required to keep me happy.

“Keep my belly full and my balls empty.”

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While the guests awkwardly chuckle, Michael continues: “Although you’re amazing at half of it, we really need to get you some cooking lessons.

“Even when my belly isn’t full there is no one I could love more in this lifetime unless I actually get a chance to meet Margot Robbie.

“Since the beginning, I was always told life gets even better when the kids fall asleep and you tell me to come to the bedroom.

“Nothing is better than the sound of gagging and headboard slamming.”

Groom saying vows to bride.
The groom is being slammed on social media for ‘humiliating’ his bride with his ‘vulgar’ vows. Credit: @lensculture/TikTok

At this point, Michael’s mother appears less than impressed as she proceeds to shake his head and firmly says his name in an attempt at intervening.

However, the groom continues.

Concluding his vows, he adds: “PS, since you’re so good at making decisions like marrying me, you can choose whether tonight’s going to end with being a toaster strudel or a Twinkie.”

During the vows, Destiny appears in shock and giggles while onlookers nervously laugh.

Michael then blows his wife a kiss, as his mum says: ‘Being that I am his mom I will deal with him later, he is grounded.”

The video has been uploaded on social media under the caption: “You’re not gonna believe what he said in his vows.”

@lensculture You’re not gonna believe what he said in his vows! #weddingvows #groomsvows #ohhno #brideandgroom #weddingbloopers #weddingceremony #vowsgonewrong ♬ Full Heart Empty Balls – Jonathan Pajak

It’s since been viewed a staggering 23.6 million times and hundreds of people are taking to the comments and saying Michael’s vows are a huge ‘red flag’.

“That’s humiliating,” one person remarks.

In agreement, another adds: “Pardon? In front of loved ones? In front of his parents? That’s EMBARASSING.”

While a third simply says: “Red flag.”

Somebody else comments: “I’d leave him at the aisle. Saying that with just me and him is already sad/disappointing but IN FRONT OF MY FAMILY? Mortified and ashamed.”

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However, others have taken to the comments and defended Michael.

One TikToker says: “Am I the only person who loves this? A bit vulgar sure but that’s one way to settle nerves while getting married lmao.”

While the bride herself has taken to the comments and defended her husband.

In the comments, she says: “So I’m the bride and no, this isn’t a red flag.

“We have been together for 10 years now and decided to get married right before our 10th year.”

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