Groom Gets Revenge On His Cheating Bride By Playing Video Of Her With Brother-In-Law At Wedding

A groom decided to get the ultimate revenge after discovering that his soon to be wife was having an affair with her brother-in-law, by recording them together naked and playing it at their wedding reception. 

The raunchy footage the groom shared with the appalled guests has gone viral in China as the five-minute sex tape was played on the big screen in front of family and friends.

The groom believed it was the best way to punish the bride after discovering she had been unfaithful with her pregnant sister’s husband, according to numerous online accounts.

The unverified footage was shared by guests at the wedding and has sparked an outcry amongst web users. Whilst some are insisting this is a real incident, others claim it must be a part of a marketing stunt and the clips have been put together by a video app.

Comprising of three clips, the trending topic has been shared by various Chinese-language media outlets, including Sina from mainland China, Apple Daily from Hong Kong and Ettoday from Taiwan.

Based on reports, the wedding took place last Thursday in the province of Fujian in south-eastern China.

One of the clips shows the lovebirds walking down the aisle and standing centre stage at the wedding banquet.

An announcement is then made that says: ‘Now we are going to show you the videos of how the newlyweds grew up’.

However, this is not the case and the projector screen then reveals an X-rated video that begins to play.

The footage of the wedding reception then shows the groom accusing the bride on stage: ‘You thought I didn’t know?’.

The bride then throws her bouquet at her partner, family members and friends then had to separate the arguing pair.

Two other clips that run five minutes in total show the bride and brother-in-law in intimate acts.

According to Apple Daily, the couple had been in a relationship for two years and had been engaged for six months, citing accounts from insiders.

The groom apparently found out about the affair after deciding to install a security camera in their future home that was being renovated.

One blogger claims that the bride was suffering domestic abuse at the hand of the groom and went to her brother-in-law in search of comfort.

The bride agreed to marry the groom after he promised her that he would pay for a flat and car.

The blogger also added that the bride confessed to the affair and that she couldn’t help falling for her brother-in-law after he began to protect her from her future husband.

The bride has demanded that her partner withdraw all the video clips from the internet.

Despite this elaborate background information, some are convinced this is a marketing stunt as gossip columnist, Mr Zha, questions how the video footage was obtained by the video app ‘exclusively’.

As of now, the clip involving the incident has been removed from the Chinese social media platform Weibo but is still circulating amongst Twitter and messaging app WeChat.

In other news, a dad has been arrested and charged with incest after marrying his own daughter.

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