Groom’s ‘Crazy Ex’ Crashes Wedding Wearing A Bridal Gown Yelling ‘It Should Have Been Me’

A bride was left mortified on her wedding day when a woman crashed the reception and marched up to her new husband, yelling: “It should have been me”. 

A bride’s worst nightmare came to life on her special day, as her groom’s “ex” crashed their wedding wearing an actual bridal gown as she yelled “it should have been me”.

Stacey Owen, from Aberdare, Wales, was given the shock of her life when a woman turned up to her big day at the reception, wearing a white wedding dress.

The 29-year-old had finished the first dance with her groom when the furious woman entered the room and marched over to the groom with a bunch of flowers.

However, it wasn’t all as it seemed. As the “crazy ex-girlfriend” burst into a song which led the bride to realise that it was all one big practical joke, arranged by the mischievous maid-of-honour Jackie.

Credit: Stacey Owen

The cheeky bridesmaid told Wales Online all about the practical joke and revealed that she had gotten into contact with comedian January Rees, who agreed to crash the wedding.

Jackie said: “Stacey expected some sort of surprise and I just wanted to do something silly.

“I was searching for ideas online when I came across videos of drag queens going down the aisle which gave me this idea.”

Initially, Stacey was left gobsmacked when Jackie marched over to her on the dancefloor. She thought ‘what is going?’, as she couldn’t see the woman clearly through the dim lights. Therefore, she presumed it was some jealous, crazy ex of her partner’s.

Although it was a big risk to take on her friend’s wedding day, Jackie’s practical joke was the talk of the night, as guests found it absolutely hilarious once they discovered the truth.

January, the comedian, revealed that she actually wore a bridal gown she’d worn on her own wedding day and was left blown away by the wedding guests’ “amazing response”.

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