Group Of Teenagers Left ‘Traumatised After Finding Luggage Containing Human Remains’

A pair of teenagers have been left traumatised after they discovered an abandoned luggage case on a Seattle beach in which there were human remains. 

Two teenage girls recorded themselves for TikTok as they made their way down a rocky shore where they found a black suitcase at the edge of the water.

Since being shared online this Saturday, the disturbing footage has gone viral yet the teenagers claim that they have been left “nervous and scared”.

TikTok: @ughhenry

The teenagers had been using an app called Randonautica, it allows the user to go on an ‘adventure’ and they will be set with random coordinates which they must then travel to.

The app ended up taking the pair to the shoreline, near a popular tourist attraction named Pike’s Place Market.

On the viral clip, one of the teenagers wrote: “Something traumatic happened that changed my life.

“We found this black suitcase. We were joking that maybe the suitcase would have money.”

In the eerie footage, the girls can be seen walking over to a suitcase as a friend yells: “Open it! It stinks, yo!”

To pry open the luggage without having to actually touch it, the girl cautiously used a stick and was shocked to discover a black plastic bag inside.

The footage was captioned at this point: “As soon as she opened it the smell was overwhelming.

“By this point, we were getting a little scared and nervous.”

TikTok: @ughhenry

After the suitcase was opened and they realised the seriousness of their discovery had escalated, a second girl is shown calling the police.

A male voice is then heard saying: “Okay so she’s calling the police so we can see if it’s actually a dead body or if it’s just food.”

TikTok: @ughhenry

Following the police cars arriving at the scene, the teenagers returned back to the spot on the beach.

Later on that evening, the Seattle Police Department made a statement in which they confirmed the discovery.

A news release read: “Detectives are currently investigating after several bags containing human remains were located near the water in the 1100 block of Alki Avenue SW this afternoon.

“Police responded after receiving a call of a suspicious bag on the beach. Another bag was located in the water.

“Once the contents were determined to be remains, detectives responded to begin their investigation.

“Harbor Patrol is assisting on the call, and detectives will work closely with the King County Medical Examiner’s Office as the investigation proceeds. This remains an active and on-going investigation.”

TikTok: @ughhenry

Currently, the identity of the human remains is unknown, as well as the possible cause of death.

Since the news has spread, residents have spoken to local news outlets and said that the discovery has unnerved them.

A West Seattle resident, John Rodie, told KING-TV: “I was stunned and shocked. It’s frightening to think that there’s someone out there that would do something like that.”

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