Guests Horrified At Wedding As It Descends Into Chaos With Bride Brawling In Field And Guests Passing Out

Guests were left horrified at a wedding when it descended into absolute chaos, with the bride brawling in a field and guests passing out left, right and centre. 

A video has circulated online in which a wedding has turned from a glamorous and elegant occasion into absolute chaos with fights taking place not long after the ceremony and the bride apparently rolling around in the grass, still in her white wedding dress.

Believed to have taken place in Wales, the footage is yet to be verified but in the clip, a man can be heard saying that the police needs to come and break up the brawl.

The camera then shows a woman, who appears to pass out on the floor, and it then pans to the field where the bride is seemingly in an argument with several of the guests before then stomping around, with her veil remaining on.

Credit: Reddit

After being uploaded onto Reddit, it wasn’t long before the clip went viral and people couldn’t believe the behaviour of the bride on what is supposed to be a special day.

The video was captioned: “Yes, that’s the bride brawling in the meadow.”

In the comments section, hundreds slammed the bride’s behaviour, whilst some have questioned why the fight even started and if the woman on the floor turned out okay.

The person who shared the video decided to clear up some questions and said that no one in the video was left seriously hurt.

They said: “The woman on the floor is one of the bride’s friends and apparently she’s just drunk and asleep.

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