Guy Dressed As Grim Reaper Travels Florida Beaches Warning People To Social Distance

A guy is travelling Florida beaches dressed at the grim reaper to warn people that they should be social distancing to help prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19. 

Florida governor Ron DeSantis authorised local governments to reopen state-run beaches on Friday, April 17. This announcement meant that people could once again use the beaches to go walks or for biking or swimming. However, it was encouraged that people still social distance so that the spread of coronavirus is limited.

Unfortunately, within just hours of the first beaches opening, people seemed to forget the need for social distancing and began hanging in groups and being much closer than six feet apart. Barely anyone was wearing masks and within days, Florida had a new record for coronavirus cases.

The initial beach ban that had been put in place was slammed by many, as people described it as ‘torture’ to not be able to go outside and breathe in some fresh air. Yet many didn’t take into account how dangerous it could be with so many people in close proximity. Many students on spring break discovered the hard way that it wasn’t a wise idea to be mingling in large groups.

At first, Florida claimed that it would be okay to start opening back up the beaches as the state assumed it had already stopped the virus from peaking and ultimately, ‘flattened the curve’. Yet many experts slammed this decision and highlighted how this ban being revoked would put thousands in danger.

To stop the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the younger crowds who believe they are immune to such viruses, Florida lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder hatched an idea to enlighten people on the dangers of chilling at the beach, believing it is completely safe to do so.

Daniel had been inspired by reading about New Zealand’s ‘swimreaper’, which was a public service campaign that educated the public on water safety. So on May 1, Daniel dressed up as the grim reaper and started to head to Florida beaches, passing on his dire warning.

Daniel felt that it was vital to teach people about the necessary need for social distancing during this difficult time, he also wanted to raise money for Democrats who are taking the coronavirus pandemic extremely serious. Any money that is raised will be used to distribute to Democrat politicians running for federal office.

Many have praised Daniel for taking a stand and making a statement on how important it is to be taking proper precautions whilst out in public.

One person commented: “Hope this helps keep some ppl safe. Every one who can #StayHome needs to for others. Your actions show who you are during #COVID19 Everyone can save lives, literally.”

Whilst another said: “Very strong statement. Nice. Stay safe travelling.”

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