Air Fryers Are Being Ditched For A Much Cheaper Alternative That’s Just As Healthy

People are ditching their air fryers for a halogen oven after discovering it's a much cheaper alternative that’s just as healthy.
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People are ditching their air fryers after discovering a much cheaper alternative that’s just as healthy.

If you’re into cooking delicious food, you’ll have definitely heard about the air fryer hype.

In recent years, almost every viral recipe seems to call for one of these fancy kitchen appliances to help achieve super crispy yet surprisingly healthy results.

But now it looks like the internet has found an air fryer alternative that’s taking social media by storm.

People are claiming it’s both cheaper than an air fryer and just as healthy. In fact, they’re even ditching their air fryers in favour of this up-and-coming alternative.

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For the uninitiated, an air fryer can cook pretty much any food both quickly and cheaply. 

The device is designed to mimic the effects of a conventional deep-fat fryer, but using just hot air and little or no oil. Air fryers use high-speed convection to give food a crispy, fried taste without the excess fat. 

However, it seems as though there’s a brand-new cooking appliance on the market that’s set to knock the air fryer off of its throne.

Halogen ovens have recently been brought to the internet’s attention, and it looks like the trend is already taking off.

They look like big glass bowls powered by a halogen bulb and fan and are being praised for being extremely energy efficient.

Halogen oven with chicken cooking
Halogen ovens are being praised as a cheaper alternative to air fryers that are just as healthy. Credit: Alamy

Energia revealed to The Irish Mirror that running an air fryer costs around 43 pence per hour. A halogen oven could cost as little as 18 pence per hour, according to Best Halogen Heaters

Over time, switching to a halogen oven could help save you a lot of money on your bills.

Plus, a halogen oven is just as healthy a cooking method as an air fryer, as it is designed to help drain excess fat from your foods.

Halogen ovens are also very affordable and you can buy one for as little as £45 – while top-rated air fryers can cost as much as £250.

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People have been shocked at the news, with one writing: “It is amazing! So glad I didn’t get the expensive air fryers!”

Another commenter agreed, adding: “You don’t need to spend hundreds on an air fryer when you can buy this. Best buy ever.”

One halogen oven, in particular, has been hailed as a brilliant purchase. The Daewoo Manual Halogen Air Fryer has taken Amazon by storm, with a whopping 4.4-star rating out of five based on over 7,000 reviews.

air fryer
Foodies say they are turning their backs on air fryers in favour of halogen ovens – which are being called ‘easy to use and great value for the money’. Credit: Alamy

Rave reviews praise the halogen oven’s high quality, ease of use, and good value for money. People also love that it’s easy to clean, generously sized, energy efficient, and creates tasty food.

One reviewer writes: “In the world of kitchen appliances, our halogen oven has truly been a culinary marvel that’s transformed our cooking experience.

“This appliance has seamlessly combined speed, convenience, and healthiness to create delectable meals that leave us consistently amazed.”

Another agrees, adding: “For less than £40, the energy savings alone compared to cooking in the main oven has meant that it has already paid for itself and if it broke down tomorrow, I would purchase another one!

“But it shows no sign of that at all.”

Or, as one person simply puts it: “Overall, it’s easy to use and great value for the money – goodbye mini ovens, your time is up!”

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