‘Harry Potter’ Fans Spot ‘Bonkers’ Find In Jigsaw Puzzle

Harry Potter fans have spotted a 'bonkers' find in a jigsaw puzzle of the hit franchise. 
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Harry Potter fans have spotted a ‘bonkers’ find in a jigsaw puzzle based on the hit franchise. 

Jennifer Pless took to the popular Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas and revealed that she’d been having a go at the 1000-piece set when she noticed a character in the centre of the piece that she did not recognise.

Confused, she wrote on the page: “HELP! THIS IS DRIVING ME BONKERS.”

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Harry Potter fans have spotted a ‘bonkers’ find in a jigsaw puzzle of the hit franchise. Credit: Jennifer Pless via Facebook

The person in question appears to be a man who has short hair and is wearing a black cloak.

Pless continued: “Who is this in the yellow circle (not Filch). Cannot place them at all. Starting to think the jigsaw maker has placed their own face in for a laugh.”

The post has since accumulated a whopping 700 comments and many people have claimed that the character is actually a Death Eater – a follower of Lord Voldemort – who doesn’t have a name in the films.

One group member explained: “He is a Death Eater that appears in Hogsmeade when Harry returns in the last movie. The actor is Benn Northover. My daughter told me.”

Alongside an IMDb image, another added: “Looks to be a Death Eater from Hogsmeade in Deathly Hallows Pt 2. You can see his IMDb picture next to it here in comparison.”

Others took to the comments and said they thought it was ‘hilarious’ that someone so minor in the plot had ‘bagged’ themselves such a ‘great spot’ on the jigsaw.

One person commented: “What a random person to be front and centre. I think I could name every other character on this and then – random Death Eater.”

Jokingly, a second penned: “For someone who doesn’t even have a name in the film he’s bagged himself a great spot on that puzzle.”

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