Head Lice Experts Share Worst Case EVER With Wriggling Bugs Showing On Comb

Head lice experts are sharing the most stomach-churning cases they’ve ever dealt with, including a little girl who had hair full of wriggling bugs. 

A team of head lice eliminators, called The Lice Angels, have an incredibly popular TikTok account which shares some of the most horrific infestations they have come across.

In one particular case, a girl who has long brown hair is sitting on a chair covered in plastic, while an expert wearing gloves begins the process of removing the head lice.

To begin, the experts spray the girl’s hair and then run through it with a comb. In just one sweep, there are hundreds of bugs to be seen wriggling about.

The captioned the clip: “Don’t look you might get sick.

“Worst lice case ever.”

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In the end, The Lice Angels managed to remove “thousands of bugs” in the girl’s hair. Yet to do so, they had to prepare an industrial set up. Her hair had to be slathered in conditioner, while paper towels and a bin were on hand so that any bugs which fell could quickly be disposed of.

The shocking clip has accumulated over 690,000 views and many said that the child’s hair was like a “zoo”, it had that many bugs.

One person commented: “That’s not hair anymore, that’s [a] zoo.”

A second added: “I’ll simply shave my hair if I had that.”

While a third said: “Omg that scalp turned into an entire ecosystem.”

In related news, a 12-year-old girl passed away after suffering from a horrific case of head lice which had caused a heart attack.

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