Holly Madison Slams Hugh Hefner’s ‘Verbally Abusive’ Behaviour

Holly Madison has slammed Hugh Hefner’s ‘verbally abusive’ behaviour, four years after he died, aged 91.

The ex-Playboy Bunny recently took to YouTube to claim that he would often create tension within the famous mansion between the girls for their reality TV show, The Girls Next Door

She said: “I wouldn’t say I enjoyed doing the show until Season 3. 

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Holly Madison
Hugh Hefner has been accused of ‘verbally abusive’ behaviour by ex-Playboy bunny, Holly Madison. Credit: @hollymadison/Instagram

“Even before the show was there, he would very much create double standards and different rules for the girls.

“It was designed so he could have a big ego and he could feel fought over… it was really gross, in my opinion.”

The show ended in 2010 but Holly revealed that by that point, her relationship with Hugh was at an all time low. 

She added that she spent a lot of time hiding in his rooms so that she could avoid the cameras. 

Holly commented: “At that point in my relationship with Hef, things had gotten so bad, he became over the top verbally abusive overnight and I just was panicking.”

“When you are the only one and you’re dealing with that other one person one on one, you start to see their true character.

“I panicked, I was like I don’t care what I’m giving up, I have to get out of here.

“I was a little sad the fun times were leaving, but not to the point I stopped to rethink my decision.”

Holly Madison
Credit: @hollymadison/Instagram

Holly opened up about the claims in her 2015 memoir ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’.

Hugh responded to them in an interview with US Weekly, saying: “Over the course of my life I’ve had more than my fair share of romantic relationships with wonderful women.

“Many moved on to live happy, healthy, and productive lives, and I’m pleased to say remain dear friends today.

“Sadly, there are a few who have chosen to rewrite history in an attempt to stay in the spotlight. I guess, as the old saying goes: You can’t win ’em all!”

Featured Image Credit: @hollymadison/Instagram

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