Holographic Hair Is The Latest Beauty Trend In 2020!

Holographic hair is taking over social media thanks to the mesmerizing way the kaleidoscopic shades hit the light and people are obsessed with it. 

The latest beauty trend to hit the market and the world of Instagram is definitely holographic hair. This handpainted hairstyle comes in a variation of colours and really is the stuff of unicorn, rainbow dreams.

Some hairdressers have been so inspired by this latest trend, such as @fabhairbyjosh, that it has become the specialist look that clients seek them for.

In an interview with Tyla, editorial director at Rush Hair, Tina Farey said: “Vibrant, semi-permanent colour means people can express themselves and experiment with creative hair trends, including holographic hair.

“To form the ‘prism’ effect, stylists paint shades of tonal colour onto the hair freehand. Using foils like when creating traditional highlights or streaks won’t work here, as a three-dimensional look is needed.

“Iridescent textiles pick up light in small sections, highlighting the creases and folds, so in order to work, we need to create the same effect in the hair.

“Rather than a block of colour, tonal rainbow shades are applied as one horizontal section, mimicking the look of a holographic texture.”

Tina explained that although the vivid colours will eventually fade after a few washes, there are certainly ways in which you can preserve and maintain the look, simply by choosing the right hair care products.

She continued: “Invest in a specialist colour-saver shampoo as well as a salon-quality dry shampoo – it’s best to reduce your hair washing routine as every wash will leave it looking a little lighter.

“To anticipate this, we’d recommend being brave and going for more vibrant shades when first applying the colour. It will then fade gradually through the spectrum to leave you with a gorgeous pastel look before it’s time to book yourself in for a colour refresh again!”

Of course, it may sound like a pretty simple request of your hairdresser, but we all know that it’s pretty easy for one word to slip out and you have the hairstyle you never wanted.

To avoid this happening to you, Tina has broken down exactly what you should request of your hairdresser so you get exactly what you want.

“First, when booking, be clear with your salon that you’re wanting to try out some creative colour styles using rainbow shades,” explained Tina.

“This way, you’ll be booked with that salon’s colour expert – someone who is experienced in working to this type of detail.

“With something as fun and creative as this, definitely bring in some photographs of what you’re wanting to achieve – while one person’s dream may be to go all out, another may only want a subtle iridescent steak, so bringing pictures of the types of styles you like helps to communicate what you want more clearly.

“With this, your stylist can then work to your brief but add in their own flair, leaving you with a gorgeous style that no one else will have!”

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