Homer Simpson’s Medical Bills Would ‘Total $143m,’ Study Finds

Homer Simpson's medical bills would 'total a staggering $143million,' a recent study has found. 
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Homer Simpson’s medical bills would ‘total a staggering $143million,’ a recent study has found. 

According to Downtown LA Law Group, which cover accidents and injuries, the father of three found himself in harm’s way many times throughout 706 episodes of the show.

In the research, the company found out that on at least 10 occasions, Homer broke numerous bones within his body, which would have racked up bills costing around $48,000.

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In one episode, the main character suffered from a skull fracture, which would result in a bill of approximately $100,000, while loss of consciousness would have come to $80,000.

Having a job at a nuclear power plant also meant it was inevitable that Homer would find himself exposed to radiation, which would total a whopping $150,000 to treat.

Yet the beer guzzler’s most expensive treatment by far would be when he needed medical assistance for brain damage, as this comes to $1,525,500.

As well as figuring out how much Homer’s medical bills would accumulate, the LA law group also found out that his most common accident tended to be falling down the stairs – which doesn’t come as a surprise.

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The company reportedly decided to look into the character’s medical costs as they wanted to see how much Homer would have had to spend if he didn’t have insurance.

Discussing the findings, senior trial attorney Farid Yaghoubtil said: “We carried out this research to hopefully share the importance of having adequate medical insurance as the costs for injuries can be extremely high.

“Whilst Homer Simpson is a fictional character, his injuries are very real, and examples of incidents that many people are entitled to compensation for.”

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