Hooters Waitress Claims Customer ‘Made Her Cry’ With ‘Rude’ Note

A Hooters waitress has claimed a customer 'made her cry' with a 'rude' note. 
Credit: @keylamxo/TikTok

A Hooters waitress has claimed a customer ‘made her cry’ with a ‘rude’ note. 

The woman, who is known simply as @keylamxo on TikTok, explained that she was serving a large party who racked up a $600 bill after ordering rounds of shots.

Apparently, when the check came, one of the diners was not happy with the ‘high’ tab.

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The Hooters waitress has claimed a customer ‘made her cry’ with a ‘rude’ note. Credit: @keylamxo/TikTok

The waitress said: “She was like ‘If you would have told me the tab was this high, maybe you would have gotten a tip’.”

Defending herself, the server apparently responded: “Like ma’am, I just work here. I am not pocket-watching, I do not know how much is in your bank account.

“Maybe you shouldn’t go out to eat if you can’t f***ing afford to.”

Following the tense exchange, the TikToker claimed the diner squirted ketchup sauce across the table and knocked over all the drinks.

The waitress wasn’t surprised when she was left with no tip. However, she was shocked to find a note that read ‘F*** you,’ alongside a drawing of a middle finger.

The TikToker’s post has now accumulated 3.5million views and thousands have taken to the comments to blast the customer.

@keylamxoReply to @ashley.reyanne she asked her daughter alyssa to lend her $$ ?? in front of me ##hootersgirl ##customerservice ##fyp ##brokebitch♬ original sound – keylamxo

One viewer commented: “Bro, can you imagine if you ordered something expensive and a waitress said, ‘Oh that’s pretty expensive, are you sure about that?’.”

Another added: “The lady had a damn menu in front of her. She could have easily seen the price of those shots that she was ordering. That was on her.”

“If you have enough money to eat out, you should have enough to leave 20%,” a third said.

However, some people argued that the Hooters waitress shouldn’t expect a tip, especially when the customers have already been handed a hefty bill.

One TikToker wrote: “Tips aren’t mandatory. You shouldn’t expect people to supplement your income other than your actual paycheck.”

Pitching in, a second said: “Honestly, it’s optional, not mandatory. If you do a good job serving me, if you don’t, I don’t have to tip you. It’s your job and you chose that line.”

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