Hooters Waitress Sparks Debate After Sharing ‘Strict’ Reason Co-Workers Got ‘Fired’

Hooters Waitress: 'Fired' employees have sparked a debate on TikTok after one of the servers explained why they lost their jobs.
Credit: @jardinmay/TikTok

A Hooters waitress has sparked a debate after sharing the list of reasons her co-workers have been ‘fired’. 

One of the servers, named Jardin May, has gone viral after sharing a video of herself dancing with her ex-fellow employees.

She went on to claim that they’ve all left the restaurant chain as it ‘fired’ them all for breaking rules.

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The Hooters waitress has sparked a debate after sharing the list of reasons her co-workers have been ‘fired’. Credit: @jardinmay/TikTok

Apparently, one of the girls lost her job for turning up late. It all started when the server came to work one day and pointed out that she was the only employee being given a written warning for punctuality.

The TikToker claimed that the chain’s management then told the girl she had an ‘attitude’ problem and wrote her up again.

At this point, the waitress apparently began screaming which led to a third write-up, meaning she had to go.

May went on to claim that another employee lost their job because of their hair. Supposedly, the chain has a ‘rule’ which means a person should maintain the look they started with when joining.

This particular server apparently turned up to work one day with red hair. When she was told to change it back, she apparently refused, which led to her being terminated too.

May claimed another employee lost their job for breaking the uniform policy, as they went and decided to get a stud in each nose, along with a septum piercing.

Technically, the fourth girl didn’t get fired – simply because she decided to quit before her employers could be given the opportunity.

May claimed that when it came to the fifth and final waitress, they lost their job because a customer reportedly made a complaint about their bill being too high – apparently they thought the server had altered the tipping amount.



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The TikToker went on to explain that this is a possibility and can happen from time to time, but insisted that it would have been unintentional if so.

She said: “Not that we’re like changing anybody’s tips intentionally, but our store is a really, really busy location.

“So when we’re rushing and stuff, it is very easy to like mistype a tip.”

After the clip went viral, many people took to the comments and said the fast-food chain sounds super ‘strict’.

One commented: “I feel like they have rules like high schools do.”

Another added: “What is this? The military.”

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