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Hooters Waitress Accuses Restaurant Of ‘Photoshopping’ Her Body

A Hooters waitress has called out the restaurant for 'photoshopping' an image of her body for its social media pages. 
Credit: @user109863929/TikTok

A Hooters waitress has accused the restaurant of ‘photoshopping’ an image of her body for its social media pages. 

The TikToker, who is known only as Sandra, has claimed that the chicken wing chain shared a photo of her on its official Instagram page but removed her belly button piercing.

Speaking in a video, she said: “Excited to be on Hooters Insta…

Hooters Waitress Claims Customer ‘Made Her Cry’ With ‘Rude’ Note

The Hooters waitress, called Sandra, has slammed the restaurant for ‘photoshopping’ an image of her body for its social media pages. Credit: @user109863929/TikTok

“Why [did] they photoshop my belly button?”

Over in the comments, Sandra said she didn’t mind that the image had been altered but just thought she would ‘throw it out there’.

Many people speculated that the belly button piercing had been edited out as it could be breaking a company piercing policy.

One viewer pointed out: “I think it’s because you’re not supposed to have piercings when you work there.”

Another added: “Jewellery isn’t allowed in any food establishment.”

“I took a food safety class and it’s against FDA, so they hide it,” a third pitched in.

@user109863929##greenscreen♬ what the fuck was that – champagnemami

Others took to the comments and said they were relieved that the photo hadn’t been edited even further.

One TikToker commented: “At least they didn’t photoshop you skinnier [because] that’s what I thought was going on.”

Recently, Hooters made headlines after reversing its controversial new uniform policy.

At the time, the restaurant announced it would be updating the female servers’ uniforms to have bikini-cut bottoms.

However, many of its staff argued that they hadn’t ‘agreed to wear this’ when initially being hired.

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