Hooters Waitress Branded ‘Ungrateful’ After Revealing How Much She Makes In Tips

Credit: @alidspicexo/TikTok

A Hooters waitress has gone viral after being branded ‘ungrateful’ on TikTok

It all started when Ali, who reportedly works at one of the chain’s Georgia branches, took to the social media platform and revealed how much she made one day after working ‘four hours’.

In the now-viral clip, she said: “My first table, I got a $50, which was nice. It was a four-top.”

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Hooters waitress
The Hooters waitress has gone viral after being branded ‘ungrateful’ on TikTok. Credit: @alidspicexo/TikTok

Rolling her eyes, she continued: “My second table, I got $1… My third table I got $20, and then I got $10 from a really old couple. But, whatever.”

She went on to say that she got ‘mad’ after finding out one diner left $10 but then changed it to $5.

Over in the comments, many people blasted Ali for making out they were ‘bad tips’.

“Imagine that old couple didn’t have much to tip but gave you the $10 thinking it was a big tip and you come here to say, ‘But whatevaaa’,” one TikToker wrote.

Another asked: “Why would you just expect huge tips, and get upset at a $10?”

A third commented: “Not you being ungrateful for $5 or $10 dollars.”


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However, many TikTokers took to the comments and defended Ali, arguing that ‘no one should get a tip lower than $5’.

Defending the Hooters server, one said: “You are saying she’s ungrateful for small tips but the truth is no one should get a tip lower than $5.”

In agreement, a second ranted: “Y’ALL SHES UPSET THAT THEY WROTE $10 THEN SCRATCHED IT OFF FOR $5. If you’re a server you get it.”

Later on, Ali shared a separate video in which she said that Hooters is just one of the ways in which she makes money.

She said: “I don’t just make money from Hooters and rely on men for money.”

Explaining herself, the Hooters waitress went on to reveal that she’s also a full-time student, is a sales representative for an employment company, and a social media influencer.

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