How Many People Can Win Squid Game?

Can more than one person win Squid Game? Let's take a look at whether multiple people can win the grand cash prize...
Credit: Netflix

As we eagerly await the return of Squid Game season 2, fans have a major question about the first season.

Could more than one player win Squid Game?

We saw a 17-second trailer for the second series of the popular TV South Korean drama as part of Netflix’s Next On in 2024 preview.

An anonymous phone caller ominously warns Seong Gi-hun: “You’ll regret your decision.”

The former Squid Game player replies: “I will find you.”

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But this sneak peek has had some fans looking back at the finale of the show’s first season. And it’s led many to ask a pertinent question about the format of the popular TV drama.

People are wondering how many people could win Squid Game… So, let’s investigate:

How many people can win Squid Game?

The Netflix show never explicitly states how many people can win the game.

However, in the show’s first season, only one player makes it to the end, with the other 455 players meeting a deadly end.

Gi-hun takes the entire winnings, though he eventually gives half to Sang Woo’s mum.

Technically, as the final round could be played in teams, there could theoretically be multiple winners of the game, if enough players managed to make it that far.

The Squid Game staff noticeably say when welcoming the players: “Those who win all six games will receive a handsome cash prize,” implying more than one can win.

But it seems unlikely that the Front Man, who also goes by Old Man (who is revealed to run the games) would let this happen – with the VIPs making bets on who will win or lose, to make the games more fun.

Squid Game player 069 and wife.
It is never explicitly said whether more than one person can win Squid Game. Credit: Netflix

In the show, we saw many players discussing how they could win the game together, with Player 069 and his wife also seeming to assume they could win and split the money.

Ultimately, however, these plans were dashed.

Also, when we look at the record book of winners, we see there has only been one winner every year…

However, none of this means there couldn’t be multiple winners in an upcoming season though!

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