People Urge Woman To ‘Divorce’ Husband Over His ‘Toxic’ Act At Marathon Finish Line

A husband has been slammed for a 'toxic' act moments before his partner crossed the finish line of a marathon. 
Credit: @sinomar_reporter/TikTok

A woman has been urged to divorce her husband for his ‘toxic’ act moments before she crossed the finish line of a marathon. 

Footage of a father at an undisclosed race has gone viral on TikTok and sparked a huge debate.

Some say his actions were ‘toxic’, with one writing: “I bet he proposed at her college graduation.”

Another adds: “She’s clearly a serious runner, tracking her time, and winning the race. And he couldn’t let her have that moment? She’s clearly worked hard for it. I’d have a divorce lawyer on the phone before the car got home. Blech.”

In agreement, a third person comments: “This is a really good example of the subtle way that some husbands treat their wives’ serious commitments outside of family life, like a joke or not serious, or just ‘for fun’.”

“That was so toxic,” somebody else pens.

Woman's race being interrupted.
Footage of the woman completing a marathon has sparked a huge debate on social media. Credit: @sinomar_reporter/TikTok

However, others are taking to the comments and defending the husband.

“STOP judging through your own paradigm,” one TikToker says.

A second person writes: “Y’all are all judging based on a quick video.”

The footage in question shows a determined marathon runner nearing the end of her race.

Just as she’s about to complete her gruelling run, a man – who is thought to be the woman’s husband – reportedly encourages their children to rush over and hug her.

But the mum ends up skirting around her children to complete the race without interruption.

Woman's race being interrupted.
The mum skirts around her children and completes the race. Credit: @sinomar_reporter/TikTok

The woman crosses the finish line and screams with excitement over her achievement. Meanwhile, her husband appears confused by her decision to avoid the children.

He can be seen shrugging at someone off-camera.

What might have seemed like a heartwarming moment to some has been interpreted by many as an inconsiderate interruption at a critical and hard-earned moment for the mum.

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about respect in partnerships and the importance of understanding and supporting one another’s personal goals and achievements.

People seem to agree that while family support is crucial, it should never come at the expense of undermining a partner’s efforts and accomplishments.

Woman's race being interrupted.
The video has sparked a conversation about undermining a loved one’s efforts and accomplishments. Credit: @sinomar_reporter/TikTok

As one person puts it: “It’s about mutual respect.

“Supporting your partner means understanding what’s important to them. If you can’t see how crossing that finish line without interruption was important to her, there’s a bigger issue at play.”

The father, who has not been publicly identified, has yet to comment on the backlash.

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