iCarly Fans Slam ‘Uncomfortable’ Scene That Should Never Have Been Filmed

iCarly fans are slamming an 'uncomfortable' scene that they believe should never have been filmed.
Credit: Nickelodeon

iCarly fans are slamming an ‘uncomfortable’ scene that they feel should have never been filmed.

The popular Nickelodeon series ran from 2007 to 2012, before getting brought back in 2021.

It follows Carly Shay who becomes an internet sensation due to her web show called iCarly.

As fans revisit the show, they have noticed that there is a number of innuendos in the programme, with one in particular being described as ‘uncomfortable’.

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The scene in question was shared on TikTok by Chris Jones and shows Carly asking her friend Seth to turn the water fountain on.

She then proceeds to squat down, tilt her head up and then the stream of water soars into her mouth, while she also giving a thumbs up as it goes in.

Jones adds in the video: “Tell me Dan Schneider wrote the scene without specifically telling me he wrote the scene.

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“When I was younger I thought that was a clever idea based off what happened the first time because she got water on her shirt and I was like, ‘That is a smart idea so she doesn’t get wet again’.

“But… it’s weird now.”

iCarly water scene
iCarly fans are slamming an ‘uncomfortable’ scene that they feel should have never been filmed. Credit: Nickelodeon

Viewers are taking to the comment section to discuss the scene.

One viewer says: “Growing up is realising these type of scenes were not OK.”

A second person adds: “Now that I’m older it makes sense why I could never bring myself to watch iCarly without getting incredibly uncomfy.”

Another viewer comments: “They could’ve easily just stopped the scene once you see the water shoot across to her, but the ZOOM on her face… NO.”

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Someone else expresses: “I remember being so uncomfortable watching it when I was younger but not understanding why it made my parents upset.”

A fifth says: “One of the main reasons why I just can’t rewatch iCarly. Too much bad stuff has come out about the production and the innuendoes. I just can’t.”

@chrisjonez I’ll admit still it was a clever idea #fyp #foryoupage #nickiminaj #icarly ♬ original sound – Chris Jones

Showrunner Dan Schneider has faced allegations about his behaviour behind the scenes from former Nickelodeon stars.

He has been accused of ‘hyper-s**ualising’ the content of his shows, which included his female actresses wearing revealing clothes and having their characters take part in **ual innuendos.

Alexa Nikolas, who starred in one of his other projects, Zoey 101, has publicly said that she ‘did not feel safe around him’.

However, speaking to The Times, Schneider has defended himself by claiming that his comedy was ‘totally innocent’.

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