Humans Predicted To Have Achieved Immortality Within Next Eight Years

Humans are predicted to have achieved immortality within the next eight years.
Credit: TED via YouTube & Alamy

Humans are predicted to have achieved immortality within the next eight years.

The idea of living forever is something that divides opinions.

Some dream of it due to the fact they would have infinite time to do whatever they want with their life.

While others think it would be a bad idea as you would soon get bored and would outlive everyone you love.

Whatever your thoughts are on it, the thought of immortality could soon be possible – or at least according to one expert.

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On computer scientist Lex Fridman’s podcast, futurist and computer expert Ray Kurzweil offers his views on immortality.

He predicts that we will be able to ‘advance human life expectancy’ by ‘more than a year every year’.

“I think we can get there by the end of this decade,” Kurzweil claims.

He believes that this will be possible through nanobots in our blood which will keep us healthy and that we will also be able to ‘upload’ our memories and thoughts into the cloud and keep them there forever.

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The futurist also makes some predictions about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will reach the singularity, having a greater impact on our day-to-day lives.

The singularity is a hypothetical point in the future where technology growth gets out of control and becomes irreversible – meaning that it will have an unpredictable impact on society.

Kurzweil predicts that AI will reach this point by the year 2029.

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Futurist and computer expert Ray Kurzweil believes that human immortality will be achieved within the next eight years. Credit: Alamy

Speaking at the SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas, Kurzweil explained: “2029 is the consistent date I have predicted for when an AI will pass a valid Turing test and therefore achieve human levels of intelligence.

“I have set the date 2045 for the ‘Singularity’ which is when we will multiply our effective intelligence a billionfold by merging with the intelligence we have created.”

In an interview at the conference, the futurist also claims that computers will have ‘human-level intelligence’ by 2029.

There’s reason to believe Kurzweil too, as he has previously been correct in his predictions for the future.

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In the year 1990, he predicted that by 2000, a computer would be able to beat the world’s best human chess player – which happened in 1997 when the computer ‘Deep Blue’ beat the world chess champion.

He also made predictions about handheld devices becoming a big part of our lives – which is evidently correct in today’s society, with smartphones being able to do almost anything we can think of.

So he is certainly someone to pay attention to.

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