Incredibly Rare Condition Means Kitten Was Born With Two Faces

A family was left in complete and utter shock when their cat had a litter of kittens and one of them was born with two faces, due to an incredibly rare condition. 

Kyla King, from Oregon, couldn’t believe it when her cat gave birth to a litter of six kittens earlier this week and one had two faces. She had never seen anything like it.

The rare congenital disorder is known as diprosopus and means that parts of the face have duplicated on the head.

The condition is also known as craniofacial duplication and cats with this disorder don’t usually survive past a week when born with this defect.

According to USA Today, the kitten has two mouths and noses, although it hasn’t been made clear whether or not it has four eyes or if it’s just two eyes conjoined.

The owner of the kitten has decided to name it Biscuits and Gravy – although the family just call it Biscuits for short.

Currently, King isn’t holding out too much hope for Biscuit’s survival as the odds are clearly stacked against it. However, she has noted that Biscuits does meow, have an appetite and can be quite lively.

Despite this, the cat’s head is far too large for it to be supported by the rest of its body and isn’t moving around too much.

If Biscuits does manage to survive, King has stated that she would like to keep and raise it.

Regardless, many people have expressed their interest in Biscuits and have asked if they could adopt or buy the fluffy kitten.

Credit: Koin 6

Sometimes, cats with this disorder are known as Janus cats.

The oldest known Janus cat in the world, called Frank and Louie, managed to live to the age of 15.

He was able to live so long as he had only one oesophagus, which meant that he was less likely to develop breathing problems.

Back in November, another Janus cat hit the headlines when it defied the odds and survived.

The Californian kitten named Duo was adopted by a vet after making it to four months old.

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