India’s Wet Markets Are Selling Live Dogs Waiting To Be Slaughtered And Charred Monkey Hands

Graphic images have been shared online in which the extent of India’s wet markets brutality towards animals has been exposed. From the selling of live dogs that are terrified as they wait to be slaughtered to charred monkey hands, traders across the country are selling animal body parts in horrific conditions. 

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have shared and slammed the disgusting footage which has been exposed showing “rampant violations” of animal welfare and wildlife protection, as meat from monkeys, porcupines, barking dear, wild boars and migratory birds are being sold illegally in Manipur’s Nute Bazaar.

Credit: PETA

PETA’s director Elisa Allen said: “Places such as these, crammed full of sick and distressed animals, are breeding grounds for deadly diseases.

“As long as live-animal markets are allowed to operate, humans will continue to be at risk and countless animals will needlessly endure miserable lives and a violent, painful death.”

Credit: PETA

Through PETA’s investigation, it was uncovered that the Churchandpur market has also been selling meat from monkeys, wild boar and deer, which is illegal to be sold on the market.

In the horrific footage which has been shared online, images of charred monkeys hands lined up along with chunks of meat are clear to see.

From the start of July, there was a ban enforced on the sale of dog meat but it wouldn’t be thought when walking through the wet markets, as captured dogs are killed and slaughtered at Keera Bazaar in Dimapur, in Nagaland.

Credit: PETA

After having experienced a record number of coronavirus cases, India has gone back into lockdown.

It has been announced by health officials that the number of new infection cases has risen from 902,752 to 936,181 – which is a staggering increase.

India is now creeping closer to the milestone figure reached by the US and Brazil.

At the time of this being written, the death count has reached 24,309.

Yet it appears that India’s wet markets are not alarmed by the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, as they continue to sell the exotic meat despite it having been speculated the outbreak of COVID-19 began in a wet market in China.

In other news, hundreds of elephants in Botswana have dropped dead after being spotted walking in circles. It has been dubbed by scientists as a “conservation disaster” as so far, there hasn’t been a confirmed answer as to how this has happened.

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