Influencer Complains Coronavirus Lockdown In Luxury Hotel Is ‘Worse Than Prison’

An influencer took to social media to complain about her coronavirus lockdown predicament, as she stays in a luxury hotel which she has described as “worse than prison”. 

Australian Instagram influencer Jessica Pinili said that it was an issue of “human rights” that she wasn’t allowed to leave her room for fresh air at the Duxton Hotel in Perth.

Instagram: @jesspinili

After the Australian government implemented a mandatory two week quarantine period for people arriving in the country, the “lifestyle coach” flew back to Australia from Bali on Sunday.

Earlier this week, she took to Instagram to rant to her 10,400 Instagram followers – who was just four days into her two-week isolation – about how she wanted to spread some “awareness” about her isolation situation.

Instagram: @jesspinili

Despite not having to pay any hotel bills, Jessica said: “This isn’t about gratitude, this is about human rights. This hotel room practises non-smoking.

“Awesome, that’s great. However, I don’t have access to a balcony or a window that opens […] which means for 14 days I will not have fresh air.”

She then went on to describe how being confined to the hotel room was like being in a prison cell.

Instagram: @jesspinili

The social media star added: “There are people patrolling the corridor. I can’t even walk up and down the corridor.

“This is worse than being a prisoner, prisoners get fresh air.”

Unsurprisingly, Jessica’s rant received some backlash from fans as they branded her “selfish” and “a princess” for complaining about her situation when she is far luckier than most.

Instagram: @jesspinili

The following morning, she appeared on Instagram stories again to address the criticism. She stated: “Let’s get this straight, it’s about 7 am and I’ve woken up with so many nasty comments.

“I’ve woken up with people called selfish, ungrateful, […] and I don’t think anyone has listened to what I have said.”

Despite plenty of negative comments, the influencer also received some support too – one of the supporters was actually a mum who was stuck in the exact same hotel.

Jessica added: “They said they would love to have air as well. Please listen to what I am saying.”

Instagram: @jesspinili

She then spoke to News.Au about the backlash, commenting: “People are projecting their fears and stress onto me, their sadness, they’ve lost their jobs maybe and I’m the outlet for that.

“It’s unfortunate for me but I’m trying to understand they are scared. They are keyboard warriors in their house who could pop put right now if they wanted.”

She then explained how she had never once complained about the room itself, clarifying that the room was actually “lovely”.

She said: “When people say to me, but you’re in a five-star hotel, yes, but I’m in four walls of it. I don’t have access to the bar or restaurant or swimming pool.

“So, I have no complaints about the room but I don’t get any of the amenities.”

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