Influencer Who Eats ‘Raw Beef Brain’ Sparks Debate

An influencer who claims he eats 'raw beef brain' has sparked a debate on TikTok. 
Credit: @weambreiche/TikTok

An influencer who claims he eats ‘raw beef brain’ has sparked a debate on TikTok

Weam Breiche, a bodybuilder from Los Angeles, has posted a clip on the social media platform that has been viewed almost 9million times.

He captioned the viral video: “High protein breakfast.”

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Influencer 'raw beef brain'
The fitness influencer, who is based in LA, shocked followers by revealing he eats ‘raw beef brain’ for breakfast. Credit: @weambreiche/TikTok

In the clip, he said: “How to eat a high protein breakfast if you don’t have time to cook. Six raw eggs and a raw beef brain.”

After taking a bite, the self-professed ‘real-life Wolverine’ added: “110 grams of protein, 1100 calories.”

In the comments section, he went on to say: “If you want to try it, I have the website and a discount code on my Instagram highlights.”

Users quickly expressed their shock at what they had seen.

One TikToker wrote: “‘I’m running late, honey we still got brains in the fridge?’ Bro stop.”

“Ain’t no way,” added another.

A third mused: “We don’t need to do this anymore bro, we invented cooking like 100,000 years ago.”

“Nah bro, I’ll microwave some dino nuggets instead,” a fourth said.

@weambreiche High protein breakfast #fypシ #fyp #viral #carnivore #weambreichecarnivore #rawcarnivore #nosetotail #rawmeatdiet #raworgans ♬ original sound – Weam Breiche

On the other hand, some users hinted that they might actually try it, with one writing: “Going in our meal plan.”

In agreement, a second commented: “The brain actually looks pretty good.”

“Throw a little salt on there and we’re talking,” a third penned.

When one viewer – who claims to be a dietician – asked whether it was a ‘joke,’ the influencer responded: “I mean if you’re a dietitian and promoting pizza, this is probably a joke to you. Read a carnivore book before you judge, I can see you’re influential.”

Later on, the guy posted another video of himself eating the same meal, explaining that it is ‘good for cholesterol’.

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