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Influencer Confronts Guys ‘Laughing’ At Her For Taking Pool Selfies

An influencer decided to confront two guys who were ‘laughing’ at her as she took pool selfies. 
Credit: @samanthalongton/Instagram

An influencer decided to confront two guys who were ‘laughing’ at her as she took pool selfies. 

Samantha Longton, who is based in Florida, US, was wearing a bikini and posing when she heard one of the men say: “Look at her…this is what’s wrong with women.”

The influencer then claimed the pair laughed at her as they stood by the slide. 

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The influencer confronted two guys who were ‘laughing’ at her for taking pool selfies. Credit: @samanthalongton/Instagram

Infuriated by the comment, Longton turned towards the two and asked: “Did you want one together?”

Confused, the pair allegedly looked at each other before she added: “I can take one for you. Do you have your phone?”

One of the men then replied: “What, babe? No, we don’t.”

Before letting them walk away, Longton said: “Oh, okay. Next time then.”

@samanthalongtonIm not a confrontational gal but sometimes men just …. ##fyp♬ original sound – samanthalongton

So far, the clip has been liked a whopping 1.3 million times and over 8,000 people have commented, saying the influencer handled the situation maturely.

A viewer commented: “‘This is what is wrong with girls’. Um what? She’s not even doing anything. She’s at the pool. Do you want her to wear a winter jacket?”

Pitching in, another added: “I’ve never understood people’s hatred over individuals just trying to capture a moment.”

“They’re laughing at her but they’re also probably liking pictures of Instagram models,” a third pointed out.

“I think this is what my mum meant when she said ‘kill them with kindness’,” a fourth wrote.

However, some viewers argued that Longton should have addressed the problem outright.

“Just speak on it instead of being passive-aggressive,” they suggested.

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