Innocent Kids ‘Sent Sexual Messages’ In Popular Online Game Among Us

Innocent kids are reportedly being sent sexual messages and child abuse videos in online game Among Us which has become popular worldwide. 

Released two years, online game Among Us has quickly accumulated millions of users of all ages. Yet parents are now becoming concerned about online predators, who are exploiting the gaming platform by targeting unsuspecting youngsters.

Some parents have revealed that they’ve found the game’s chat function is being used by predators who are sending sexual messages.

Julie Gower, who has a 14-year-old daughter, claims a player entered her daughter’s game and began sending sick videos of child abuse to her and her friends.

The mum told The Sun: “The individual then started asking the girls what they thought of it.

“They immediately blocked him and my daughter came and told me.

“They did report him through the game and we made a Police report.  Nothing could be done from a Police perspective. He was kicked from the game but I understand they can just create another profile and carry on.”

Credit: Facebook

Terrifyingly, this experience isn’t that unusual and many others have shared their warnings of the widely used game.

One player wrote a warning online, which said: “Trigger warning, I was playing among us and these people were saying they want to rape my dead body. What the hell.”

Meanwhile, a player who uses a purple avatar has shared screenshots of messages that they have been sent through the game’s chat function. They read: “U want p***y” and “I kill purple and get her dead p***y”.

Other disturbed users have shared messages including: “I want to rip all your organs out” and “wanna be my boy”.

Credit: Facebook

The multiplayer game, launched by tech company InnerSloth, is a game which allows up to ten players to work together and find out who the “imposter” is, who is attempting to ruin their quest to travel into space.

The game was released in 2018 and has seen a sharp rise in popularity since lockdowns began.

However, parents have been oblivious to the fact that their kids could be chatting to complete strangers while playing the game.

A mum from America warned: “Someone very close to me was tricked into giving their phone number to a registered child predator on this game.

“This child thought they were having a week’s worth of innocent conversations but this disgusting individual began prying personal information from this child until their parent checked their phone (like all parents should) and intervened with this disgusting human!

“No matter how ‘smart’ you think your kids are – talk to them about this!”

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