Instagram ‘Rich Kid’ Claims To Spend More On Beauty Than Rent As She Splashes Out £16,000 A Year

An Instagram ‘rich kid’ claims that she spends around £16,000 a year on beauty products, which mean she spends more on makeup than her rent. The influencer said she doesn’t think there’s an issue with spending so much on her appearance. 

Jodie Weston, an Instagram influencer, found fame on Channel 5’s show Rich Kids Go Skint, where it came out that she spends approximately £16,000 a year on her appearance.

The 25-year-old has spent large amounts of money on having the latest makeup and designer clothes.

Instagram: @missjodieweston

On the Channel 5 show, she said: “My clothes do a full lap of my flat – out my door and in boxes too…

“I spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds of makeup.

“I’m addicted to shoes, clothes and makeup, all that girly stuff.”

The Instagram star then admitted that she spends more on beauty products and clothes than her actual rent.

Instagram: @missjodieweston

Before the coronavirus lockdown, Jodie would fork out around £90 a month on manicures and pedicures, as well as massages, body-sculpting sessions, spray tans and trips to the hairdressers.

Hearing the salons would close due to the lockdown, Jodie said she decided to use the money on investing in fancy equipment to maintain her looks.

Instagram: @missjodieweston

She told The Sun: “When lockdown was announced, I splashed out £1,000 online, including a £260 home laser machine, £250 on makeup, a £150 tanning mousse and £300 on DIY hair extensions.

“If you start letting yourself go, you start feeling down, so I was determined to stay looking as good as possible.”

The influencer said that she spends hours each day getting glammed up and said that when she meets someone, it takes a long time for them to gain the privilege to see her without any makeup on.

Instagram: @missjodieweston

She said: “Usually, it takes me three hours to get ready for a night out and I have never let a guy see me without makeup for at least the first two months of a relationship.”

Although many people would find the idea of being that into their appearance tiring due to the upkeep, Jodie believes it’s all worth the effort.

She claims that when she goes out and has put in that extra bit of effort, strangers are much nicer to her. Also, she receives plenty of compliments and people offer to carry her bags and other such gestures.

She added: “When you look nice, people treat you differently. I get women messaging me to say they look up to me and I obviously get a lot of attention from guys.”

Instagram: @missjodieweston

The influencer is aware that many people find her beauty schedule over the top but is refusing to let it hold her back from being her authentic self.

The Channel 5 star said she will choose to spend her money however she likes and isn’t fazed by those who prefer the “natural” look or by people who automatically assume she’s an “airhead”.

The DJ star says she gets dressed up to please herself and that it doesn’t matter what others think.

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