Intergender MMA Fight Slammed As Female Brutally Loses To Male Opponent

Intergender MMA fight
Credit@armpowergirl/Instagram & MMA-VIP

An intergender MMA fight has been blasted online as a woman lost to her male opponent with blows to her head.

Female arm wrestler and fitness instructor Ula Siekack took on Piotr ‘Mua Boy’ Liwoski, a brand ambassador who describes himself as ‘185cm of pure sex,’ in the match which took place in Czestochowa, in Poland.

A video has since circulated on social media which some viewers have branding ‘horrific’ and ‘absurd’.

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Intergender MMA fight
The fight has been blasted as ‘horrific’. Credit: MMA-VIP

One person wrote: “What in the unrivalled f**k is this?!”

Another added: “How was this sanctioned? This is horrific.” While someone else said: “F*** everyone who took part in this. And f*** you for posting [highlights of] it.”

However, others defended the fight, suggesting it only looked like this because the man won.

They said: “You only say it’s horrific because the man won, it wasn’t horrific at all this is true equality and she got schooled, she freely went into it and was fighting so not horrific and your only problem is the man won.”

During the fight, Siekacz was taken down by Mua Boy, before he then delivered several blows to her face, she tried to retaliate with punches to his head.

The referee then waved off the contest and ruled that Mua Boy had won.

Other Twitter users called out the organisers for allowing the fight to take place.

Another intergender match took place at MMA-VIP 3 the night before. featuring Michael Przybylowicz, whose known as ‘Polski Ken’ because of his ‘plastic barbie doll appearance’ and Wiktoria Domzalska.

This match was halted as the female opponent couldn’t defend herself.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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