‘Intimacy Educator’ Believes Sex Work In The Future Will Involve Face Masks And Coronavirus Testing

An ‘intimacy educator’ believes that the future for sex workers and brothels will involve the use of face masks and coronavirus testing, as she shares her concern for prostitutes and the reopening of brothels during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Alice Little, Nevada’s most successful sex worker, has recently shared her concerns for the future of sex workers and brothels following the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In one of her latest blog posts, the Irish native said that many sex workers will struggle with the potential issues of coronavirus testing availability, face masks, contact tracing anonymity and liability waivers after the sex dens reopen for business.

The petite woman, who earns up to $1 million annually, said: “I believe that testing each and every brothel sex worker for COVID-19 on at least a weekly basis is crucial to the success of legal brothels during this pandemic.”

She continued: “Because legal brothels can have dozens of women living together on the premises at the same time, it’s vital to screen for COVID-19 regularly in order to avoid a coronavirus outbreak.

“A brothel is like a sorority, where women living together share kitchens, living spaces, and other common areas.

“Testing will be the most important factor in maintaining the safety of the working girls so that any infected courtesan can be sent home to quarantine before further problems develop.”

Having worked in the business since 2016, Alice has founded the political action group ‘Hookers for Healthcare’, which fights for the healthcare policies that will be beneficial to sex workers, as she’s deeply concerned about the lack of testing available.

She added: “Moreover, I want my clients to have peace of mind in knowing that it will be reasonably safe to visit me and other sex workers in the brothel.

“Testing will ensure the highest and most reasonable level of safety when it comes to seeing a sex worker during a pandemic.

“Knowing that we’re tested for coronavirus in addition to STI’s will put potential clients at ease and assuage any fears they may have.

“Sex workers currently pay out-of-pocket for our weekly brothel STI testing, and I’ll be happy to pay for my COVID-19 test if necessary.

“But there have to be tests available in order for sex workers to get them so that we can safely resume work.

“My fingers are crossed that we’ll have enough tests in the supply chain by the time the brothels reopen.”

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The wealthy sex worker, who is employed and licensed at Moonlite Bunny Ranch, is also an intimacy and sexuality coach and she commented: “Some customers may be willing to pay a premium for a sexual encounter where one or more participants don’t wear a face covering.

“Increased intimacy has always been a premium within the sex industry. Kissing was a coveted and highly desired sex worker offering before the pandemic.

“Given that so many Americans have been isolated and going without any physical affection, there will likely be even greater demand for that face-to-face contact despite face-covering guidelines.”

Alice, reportedly America’s most successful legal prostitute, believes that as it could potentially be encouraged for those who visit brothels to wear a face mask, that there will be an increase in back-door premiums so they can have face to face sex – therefore increasing the risk of infection.

Alice said: “I’m certain that wearing masks will generally become the ‘new normal’ in the common areas of a legal brothel, but what about in the bedroom?

“Each individual brothel sex worker is an independent contractor that sets her own rates for services and sets her own rules in her boudoir.

“Although face coverings may end up being be optional for customers in the common areas of the brothel, most sex workers may require their customers to wear masks during sex.

“For many brothel patrons, this mask-wearing rule could be a bummer or even a deal-breaker.”

Another concern that is shared by sex workers is the fact that at brothels, there is the inability to contact trace. It is unlikely that those who visit will admit to anything when questioned.

Alice, the co-founder of the Nevada Brothel Association, is praying that legal brothels will not begin offering liability waivers to clients.

She said: “It’s yet to be determined if Nevada’s legal brothels will have sex workers or customers sign a liability waiver in order to work or receive services at the brothel during the pandemic – or if individual sex workers will ask their clients to sign one.

“My opinion on liability waivers is that if a business thinks it’s necessary to have customers or employees sign such a document, then that business is probably not ready to reopen.”

Alice added: “One thing’s for sure, I won’t be asking any of my customers to sign any waiver during the pandemic.”

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