Ireland Baldwin Slammed For Comparing Astroworld Outrage To Alec Baldwin Film Shooting

Credit: @irelandbasingerbaldwin/Instagram.
Credit: @irelandbasingerbaldwin/Instagram.

Ireland Baldwin has been slammed for comparing the social media reaction to Astroworld to the incident with her dad, Alec Baldwin, who fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with a ‘prop gun’ last month.

In an Instagram post that has now been deleted, the 26-year-old hit out at people who ‘believe everything they see’ on social media.

She said: “Y’all are really killing me these days. You believe everything that you see on Twitter and TikTok and completely bandwagon on spreading misinformation.

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“First, you were armoury/stunt coordination pros when it came to the horrific tragedy involving my dad… and now Travis Scott is demonic because he ALLOWED people to die at his show?”

She continued: “I’ll start by saying I am heartbroken for the families who lost a loved one. Everyone should feel safe when they’re going to enjoy live music. But it’s not Travis Scotts’ fault.

“Any musician would validate that you can’t see or hear anyone up there. Especially when wearing in-ear monitors.

“C’mon people… do a little research before you spewing cancel culture bulls***.”

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Travis Scott
Eight people lost their lives at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival. Credit: @travisscott/Instagram

Following the post, TV presenter Piers Morgan took to Twitter and slammed the Baldwin family.

He tweeted: “Is there a more tone-deaf family in America than the Baldwins?”

Many people took to the comments and said they agreed with Morgan, adding it would have been ‘better to have said nothing’.

One follower said: “Boomerang effect is what we’re seeing happening to these tone-deaf celebrities.”

Another added: “Sometimes, you just gotta say nothing.”

“She is clueless!” a third agreed.

Ireland Baldwin has since deleted the post, commenting that ‘people on the internet are scary and so misinformed’.

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