Jada Pinkett Smith ‘Forces Will Smith To Respond’ In Resurfaced Clip

Jada Pinkett Smith Clip: The actress can be seen 'forcing' her husband, Will Smith, to 'speak about their marriage' in an old Instagram live.
Credit: @jadapinkettsmith/Instagram

Jada Pinkett Smith has been accused of ‘forcing’ her husband, Will Smith, to ‘speak about their marriage’ in a resurfaced Instagram clip from 2019.

Their relationship has been pulled apart ever since her husband slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars over a joke the comedian made about her bald head.

Footage has now appeared on Reddit which has left viewers ‘uncomfortable,’ as it supposedly suggests that Pinkett Smith doesn’t ‘respect’ her spouse.

Watch the awkward exchange below… 

In the clip, she says: “You know Esther Perel is coming to the table, she’s gonna be at the Red Table. Would you say she has been instrumental in you and I redefining our relationship?”

Her husband, who appears uncomfortable, replies: “I would say don’t just start filming me without asking me.”

After saying she is ‘still dealing with foolishness,’ the Red Table Talk host persists, asking: “Would you say that she helped us heal the hurts that we caused between one another?”

To which, the 53-year-old responds: “My social media presence is my bread and butter. So you can’t just use me for social media. Don’t just start rolling, I’m standing in my house.

“Don’t start rolling.”

His wife then addresses the camera, saying: “Please watch Esther at the Red Table because she’s helped us a lot. Can’t you tell?”

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Angry social media users took to Twitter, with some saying that Pinkett Smith should ‘reflect’ on the situation.

One penned: “@jadapsmith, after seeing that video before the Red Table Talk you should be seriously self-reflecting. Shameful.”

Pitching in, a second added: “@jadapsmith didn’t realise you were so toxic. Poor Will, man doesn’t deserve any of this.”

“I’m so sick of her bullis***!” said a third. “Do y’all see how she treats my guy Will? Do y’all see how she manipulates and tortures him mentally and publically?

“It’s sick and the whole situation is her fault.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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