Jake Paul Allegedly ‘Broke’ After ‘Investing His Money In Cryptocurrency’

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Jake Paul, who claims to have ‘memory loss,’ is allegedly ‘broke’ after ‘investing his money into cryptocurrency’. 

The YouTuber-turned-boxer’s brother, Logan, took to the Impaulsive podcast and discussed Paul’s supposed financial situation.

At one point, he began air quoting when referring to his sibling’s ‘boxing career,’ which led co-host George Janko to say: “It’s going pretty well, he’s won every fight he’s done.”

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In agreement, Mike Majlak jumped in, adding: “He made like $40million last year.”

Interjecting, Logan claimed: “It doesn’t matter, he put it all in crypto! He’s poor!”

Although this comment may be a slight overstretch, Forbes has recently reported that Bitcoin is facing a ‘market crash’.

Paul is believed to have invested a sum of money into crypto, which is a digital currency that is currently unregulated and is not controlled by any political force.

In the past, he has blamed US President Joe Biden for the currency’s ‘plummeting’ prices.

The 25-year-old reportedly said: “Biden accomplishments. Number one, highest gas prices. Number two, [the] worst inflation. Number three, plummeting crypto prices. Number four, highest rent prices ever. Number five, created [a] new incomprehensible language.

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“If you’re reading this and voted for Biden and you still don’t regret it then you are the American problem.”

Many took to the comments in response to this controversial tweet and shared their thoughts.

“Dude I’m generally on your side in fights and such, but Canada is over $9 a gallon. Is that Biden’s fault too or are you just fishing for MAGA [‘Make American Great Again’] likes?” one asked.

“The President has very little to do with gas prices,” another added. “Educate yourself.”

A third weighed in, saying: “While I did vote for Biden begrudgingly and definitely have regrets about that. It’s not for ANY of the reasons you just stated. Like not one. And it’s not that I don’t care about inflation or rent or gas prices. But what he gotta do with that? Or crypto for that matter?”

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