Jamaica ‘Plans On Asking Britain For Billions In Reparations Over Role In Slavery’

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Jamaica is reportedly planning on asking Britain for billions of pounds in reparations over the country’s role in transatlantic slavery.

Olivia Grange, who is the Minister of Sports, Youth And Culture, told Reuters: “We are hoping for reparatory justice in all forms that one would expect if they are to really ensure that we justice from injustices to repair the damages that our ancestors experienced.

“Our African ancestors were forcibly removed from their home and suffered unparalleled atrocities in Africa to carry out forced labour to the benefit of the British Empire.”

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Jamaica is reportedly asking Britain for reparations for its part in the transatlantic slave trade. Credit: Pexel

She added: “Redress is well overdue.”

Although slavery was abolished back in 1834, the English government has previously borrowed £20million, which was used to pay back slave owners who lost their workforces.

It wasn’t until 2015 that this loan was repaid, through tax-payer money.

Labour representative of Jamaica, Mike Henry, has also commented on the matter of reparations and claims that his calculations have come to £7.6billion.

He said: “I am asking for the same amount of money to be paid to the slaves that was paid to the slave owners.

“I am doing this because I have fought against this all my life, against chattel slavery, which has dehumanised human life.”

As of yet, Grange has not shared her own estimated figure of what is owed.

In 1655, Jamaica was taken from the Spanish and, until 1962, remained a part of the British colonies. But, still, the country has remained a commonwealth member and The Queen is still classed as its head of state.

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