Jeffree Star Says He’s ‘Team Selena’ As He Calls Out Hailey Bieber

Jeffree Star says that he is 'team Selena' as he calls out Hailey Bieber.
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Jeffree Star says that he is ‘team Selena’ as he calls out Hailey Bieber.

Star, 37, is an American YouTuber who is also the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

He often makes headlines for his outspoken attitude and for candidly sharing his thoughts.

Star is now weighing in on the drama between pop star Selena Gomez, 30, and Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Bieber, 26.

Hailey is married to Gomez’s ex, and many fans are convinced that she often shades the Only Murders in the Building actress on social media.

Watch Kylie Jenner deny the rumours she and Hailey Bieber dissed Selena Gomez’s eyebrows…

Now, Star is weighing in on all the drama.

In his latest TikTok video, which has been viewed more than 4.7 million times, he reviews Bieber’s new beauty range, Rhode Skin.

Opening the grey box, he is greeted by a photo of the model, which prompts Star to say: “OK, so the packaging is so boring.

“And then I open it up and – girl – she literally looks like she wants to die.”

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He adds: “Like focus. Oh my god, that face is like, ‘Why did I do this? Why did I create a skincare brand’.”

Bieber is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin – Alec Baldwin’s brother – and Star takes shots at her status as an apparent nepo-baby.

Hailey Bieber
Jeffree Star says that he is ‘team Selena’ as he calls out Hailey Bieber. Credit: @haileybieber/Instagram

He remarks: “So when you’re privileged and you use daddy’s money and you’ve never worked a day in your life, I guess this is what we’re doing.”

Star also brands the beauty range ‘boring’.

Before binning the set in a grey trash can, as ‘she doesn’t deserve a pink trash can’, Star reveals his loyalties to ‘team Selena’.

The YouTuber says: “In this house, we are team Selena and we are team not bullying anyone.

“So we’re going to skip today’s review – oh wait, she doesn’t even deserve a pink trash can – and just like Shawn Mendes said, ‘Bye’.”

@jeffreestar Trying out #rhodeskin by the bully & mean girl @haileybieber ? #skincare #jeffreestar #selenagomez ♬ original sound – Jeffree Star

The video has had one million likes and fans are discussing the review in the comments.

One person says: “This is the best Jeffree Star review ever.”

“NO WAY HE JUST THREW IT OUT. Iconic,” writes another.

A third comments: “This is toooo iconic. The way I screamed when it hit the bottom of that can.”

However, others are taking to social media and saying the whole situation is hypocritical, as they accuse Star of ‘bullying’ Bieber by sharing the video.

Defending Bieber, one person tweets: “Selena fans supporting Jeffree Star’s latest TikTok is funny to me because he’s dragging Hailey for ‘bullying’ whilst being one of the biggest bullies.”

Another adds: “Dragging Hailey Bieber to filth for being a ‘bully’ when she hasn’t even said ANYTHING while hyping up Jeffree Star, an actual BULLY is crazy.”

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The alleged feud between Gomez and Bieber appeared to intensify when Bieber and her friend, Kylie Jenner, seemingly mocked Gomez over her eyebrows.

The ‘Calm Down’ singer took to TikTok and said she had accidentally laminated her eyebrows too much.

Shortly after, Jenner took to Instagram and shared two stories.

The first was of her face, alongside the text: “Was this an accident?”

The next was a screenshot of her and Bieber’s eyebrows up close during a FaceTime call.

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