Jeremy Clarkson Says ‘Normal People Eat Meat’

Jeremy Clarkson fans are disappointed that his Amazon Prime show, Clarkson's Farm, has reportedly been cancelled after just one season.
Credit: @diddlysquat.farmshop/Instagram

Jeremy Clarkson, who made headlines recently with his comments about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship, has claimed that ‘normal people eat meat’. 

The former Top Gear host says although he finds it ‘phenomenally difficult’ to be a meat-eater, due to the fact he now spends lots of time with animals on his Cotswolds farm, ‘you’ve got to do it’. 

According to the BBC, he said: “Nobody likes killing animals. You can’t say ‘I enjoy killing animals’ – you’d be a deranged sociopath. 

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Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson, who has recently started spending more time on his farm, believes that ‘normal people eat meat’. Credit: @diddlysquat.farmshop/Instagram

“So, you don’t enjoy it, you’ve got to do it, it’s the business. 

“We all like having a roast. Well, these days I appreciate some people eat seeds and weeds. But normal people eat meat, and they like a Sunday roast.”

As a part of his new TV series on Amazon Prime, the 61-year-old has been spending more time than ever on the farm he purchased back in 2008 and he’s grown attached to some of the animals that he’s had to have slaughtered. 

He added: “I nearly abdicated the responsibility of taking sheep to the abattoir to someone else. Then I thought ‘no, come on you’ve got to do it’.”

Since spending more time on his farm, The Grand Tour star has also said he’d ‘rather have COVID-19 than leave the EU’.

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy is working on his farm as a part of a Amazon Prime series. Credit: @diddlysquat.farmshop/Instagram

In a column for The Sunday Times, Clarkson revealed that he’s been experiencing border problems when it comes to diversifying his farm’s crops.

He explained: “I have come face to face with a major downside of leaving the EU and on balance, I’d rather have COVID.

“I had a new crop that could cope with hot dry weather, and it would make flour that’s jolly popular with those who enjoy a doner kebab after a pint. That’s a double top.

“As you can’t easily buy durum seed in Britain, I placed my order, through a complicated chain of middlemen, with a French seed breeder in the Rhône Valley. And very soon, three tonnes of the stuff arrived in Calais, where it got stuck in a jungle of red tape.

“The French customs said it would not be released until they were given the consignment’s EORI number, and no one on this side of the channel had the first clue what that was.

“And there was no point asking the French for clarification because all you get is the Gallic shrug, a universally recognised symbol of complete uninterest. Tinged with a hint of ‘Well, you shouldn’t have left the EU, should you’.”

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