Jeremy Kyle’s Graham Stainer Breaks Silence On Channel 4 Documentary

Graham Steiner and Jeremy Kyle.
Credit: @grahamstanier1/Instagram & Alamy

Jeremy Kyle’s Graham Stainer has broken his silence on the Channel 4 documentary which has explored behind the scenes of The Jeremy Kyle Show

The consultant psychotherapist has defended the ITV programme amid the backlash, claiming that it had a ‘positive impact on many people’s lives’ before it was axed in 2019.

He reportedly said: “Many people benefited from the aftercare service provided by The Jeremy Kyle Show and there were also many who benefited and didn’t appear on the show.

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“The service had a positive impact on many people’s lives and, in some cases, those whose needs are often unheard and ignored within our society were acknowledged and heard by the aftercare team.”

The documentary, titled Death on Daytime, explored the tragic death of participant Steve Dymond, who died by suicide shortly after appearing on the programme.

It also promised viewers they’d be taken inside the ‘shocking story of how daytime’s biggest TV show was cancelled’.

Jeremy Kyle ‘Should Be Sacked From Talkradio’ After Channel 4 Documentary, Say Viewers

Following its airing, Kyle appeared on Talkradio and broke his silence on the documentary’s claims.

He said: “Let’s just deal with the elephant in the room straight away – [a] couple of texts already talking about a certain programme that was on television last night.

“Yes, I am fully aware. I will say only this, my friends, to you. I have maintained a consistent approach over the last three years.”

He continued: “I have said that I will not comment on the tragic death of Steve Dymond until the legal process has finished and that is a position I will maintain.

“When – and trust me, there will be a time after the inquest, when it is right and proper for me to have my say, because there are, of course, two sides to every single story – I will do it here and I will do it to you, and that is the most important thing.

“With the greatest of respect, I wanted to say that.”

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