Jess Glynne Deletes Social Media After Online Trolls Send Abuse

Jess Glynne has deleted her social media accounts after receiving abuse from online trolls. 

The singer was slammed following her appearance on The Mo Gilligan Podcast a month ago, as she used a transphobic slur

Despite apologising, the 31-year-old has faced a ‘horrid few weeks’ as keyboard warriors refuse to let her comments go. 

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Mo Gilligan
Jess Glynne appeared on The Mo Gilligan Podcast when she used the transphobic slur. Credit: @mothecomedian/Instagram

Glynne’s friend told The Sun: “It has been a horrid few weeks for Jess. She feels so upset about the whole situation and really felt like the only way to escape was to delete her accounts.”

The source then went on to say that the ‘great relationships with fans’ had been ‘ruined’. 

They also said that the people who are trolling the star don’t realise how ‘incredibly difficult’ and ‘painful’ the comments can be. 

“She knows she is not a nasty person but is being relentlessly punished for a mistake which she apologised for,” they explained. 

What did Jess Glynne say?

On the podcast, Glynne told Mo that she had visited a ‘tranny strip club’ where ‘men wore wigs’. 

She recalled: “This is probably the funniest bit. We got to the end of our, like, trail, whatever, it was like a tranny, like, strip club thing.

“There was just men dressed…”

She then went on to describe how her friend started to feel uncomfortable in the club.

“He’s this bad man like, ‘What is this?’ There was just men dressed as… he was stood in the corner like, ‘Oh my days’,” she added.

The comment, and the entire conversation, has since been deleted from Spotify and Apple podcasts. 

Despite it being removed, Glynne broke her silence with a heartfelt apology. 

Jess Glynne
Credit: @jessglynne/Instagram

The ‘Rather Be’ singer penned: “I want to address my appearance on the @mothecomedian podcast, when a story I told caused massive and righteous offence.

“Firstly, I want to say that I am wholeheartedly sorry.

“I know that in this case, sorry is not nearly enough, throughout my life I have made a lot of mistakes and what I have come to know is that the only benefit to making one is to learn from it.”

She continued: “I didn’t want to simply put out a PR apology on social media because I know that I have caused offence and pain to the community that I love and have always wanted to support.

“To be in the knowledge that I have negatively impacted the community through my own ignorance has ripped out a piece of my heart. I know I needed to address my mistake head on and educate myself about an issue I was frankly ignorant of.

“The language that I used on the podcast was unacceptable, as someone that has always been immersed in the LGBTQ+ community, I have witnessed first hand the progress that has been made when it comes to language, I am ashamed that I was unaware of the potency of the T-slur until now.”

Featured Image Credit: @jessglynne/Instagram

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Written by Aimee Walker

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