Jesy Nelson Accused Of ‘Trying To Look Like A Black Woman’

Jesy Nelson has reportedly been accused of 'trying to look a black woman'. 
Credit: @jesynelson/Instagram & BBC via YouTube

Jesy Nelson has been accused of ‘trying to look a black woman’.

The singer, who quit Little Mix last year, caused a stir on Friday when she dropped her debut solo single, titled ‘Boyz,’ which features Nicki Minaj, as many people believe she is ‘blackfishing’ in the music video.

The term is used to describe a white person who has altered their appearance to the point where they are ‘racially ambigious’.

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Many people have claimed it has made them feel ‘uncomfortable’ and have labeled her a ‘culture vulture’.

One person tweeted: “That whole ‘Boyz’ video was sooooo uncomfortable. At this point, Jesy Nelson is blackfishing so hard. Yeah, ain’t about it at all.”

Another added: “Jesy Nelson song…I thought she was coming with something original. She just makes me cringe now. The blackfishing and culture vulture in her is too much.”

“I’m sorry, but how does Jesy Nelson continuously get away with the very apparent and unapologetic blackfishing? Y’all can feel bad for her and still hold her accountable, I’m confused,” a third wrote.

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Jesy Nelson has been accused of ‘trying to look a black woman’. Credit: @jesynelson/Instagram

Nelson has also been slammed for ‘fetishising’ black men as she sings about her infatuation with ‘bad boyz’ who are ‘hood, so good, so damn taboo’.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Jesy Nelson didn’t go far enough the blackfishing. She thought she’d fetishise black men too. In addition to insinuating that gold teeth make a black man ‘hood’. What an icon!”

Others pointed out how her skin tone appears to be the same as Minaj’s, despite the rapper being a woman of colour.

One person wrote: “Jesy Nelson and Nicki Manaj are now the same skin tone. I’ve had enough. When will this intervention take place to tell Jesy she’s not black?”

Another added: “The whole thing was just in really poor taste, whether it was intentional or not.”

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