Jesy Nelson Responds To ‘Blackfishing’ Allegations

Jesy Nelson has broken her silence on the 'blackfishing' allegations, following the release of her music video 'Boyz,' featuring Nicki Minaj. 
Credit: @jesynelson/Instagram

Jesy Nelson has responded to allegations that she is ‘blackfishing’ and ‘trying to look like a black woman’.

The singer released her first solo single, titled ‘Boyz,’ which features rapper Nicki Minaj, on Friday. However, the lyrics and music video have angered a lot of people as she sings about being a ‘baddie’ who likes men with ‘gold teeth’ who are ‘hood’.

Despite the backlash, the former Little Mix singer has claimed she is ‘very away’ that she is a ‘white British woman’.

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Chatting to Vulture ahead of the song’s release, she said: “The whole time I was in Little Mix I never got any of that [blackfishing allegations]. And then I came out of [the band] and people all of a sudden were saying it.

“I wasn’t on social media around that time, so I let my team [deal with it] because that was when I’d just left.

“But I mean, like, I love black culture. I love black music. That’s all I know; it’s what I grew up on. I’m very aware that I’m a white British woman; I’ve never said that I wasn’t.”

When the publication then asked the 30-year-old whether she was aware the blackfishing comments had been removed from her social media, she replied: “I don’t know about that. Maybe it was my team.”

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Jesy Nelson
Jesy Nelson has repeatedly been accused of ‘blackfishing’ throughout her music career. Credit: @jesynelson/Instagram

Following the interview, Nelson reached out to Vulture and confirmed that her management team had removed the comments.

In an email, she said: “I know comments relating to this had previously been deleted from my IG account, I only found out afterwards that a member of my management team had deleted comments.

“I’ve spent years being bullied online, so I limit the amount I go on socials.

“My management team have access to my account and they were trying to protect me and my mental health.”

When Nelson was then asked to partake in another interview to discuss the blackfishing allegations, she refused.

However, she did provide a statement that read: “I take all those comments made seriously.

“I would never intentionally do anything to make myself look racially ambiguous, so that’s why I was initially shocked that the term was directed at me.”

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