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Jimmy Carr Fans Are Convinced Comedian’s Iconic Laugh Has ‘Changed’

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Jimmy Carr fans are convinced that the comedian’s iconic laugh has ‘changed’. 

The 49-year-old is hosting a new game show, called I Literally Just Told You, in which contestants answer questions based on the information they are provided with throughout the programme.

In an episode of Channel 4 series, which debuted last week, Carr asks a contestant: “I took part in the beans challenge. Complete the slogan: ‘Beans means clean’… what?”

Watch the moment Jimmy Carr’s laugh ‘changes’ in the clip below…

Hilariously, the contestant is left clueless as to what the answer is and for some random reason, comes to the conclusion that the slogan must be ‘Beans means clean beans means clean’.

At this point, Carr is unable to stop himself from laughing. However, it sounds like nothing like the high-pitched chuckle his fans all know and love.

Noticing the change, many viewers took to Twitter and shared their thoughts.

One person tweeted: “@jimmycarr, why has your laugh changed?”

Jokingly, a second added: “The hair transplant even changed his laugh!”

A third commented: “Where has @jimmycarr’s laugh gone?”

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Jimmy Carr fans are convinced that the comedian’s iconic laugh has ‘changed’ after watching his new game show, I Literally Just Told You. Credit: Channel 4

Jimmy Carr’s laugh isn’t the only thing that has changed in the funnyman’s life this year, as recently it was confirmed that he has become a father for the first time.

As reported by The Sun, he said: “I had to tell my little boy he’s adopted.

“I mean, he isn’t, but the look on his face. I said, ‘No, no, no, you were adopted, the new family is picking you up tomorrow’.”

He then added: “We’re having a gender-reveal party for our kid but we’re going to wait until he’s 21 just to be sure.

“With some babies, you can’t tell, is it a boy or an ugly girl?”

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