JK Rowling Receives Backlash Over ‘Harry Potter’ Play

JK Rowling
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JK Rowling has received a backlash over her ‘Harry Potter’ play’s tribute to Pride Month in New York and San Francisco. 

‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s’ official Twitter account took to the platform and tweeted: “Happy Pride Month from everyone at #CursedChild,” alongside a depiction of the ‘Progress Pride Flag’.

The graphic included a representation of the protection of trans rights, something that Rowling has shared controversial views on in the past.

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Outraged fans were quick to respond to the tweets. One took to the social media site saying: “First of all, lol. And indeed lmao.

“Also what proportion of your show’s revenue will you be giving to actually help LGBTQI people? Or are we just free advertising?”

“This tweet is the epitome of cowardice masquerading as allyship,” added a second. “The ultimate in virtue signalling.

“The folks producing this show have yet to openly condemn the monstrously damaging and violent words and deeds of its playwright. Will they donate to and amplify trans rights organisations?”

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A third fumed: “Donate every bit of profit you make this month to trans rights charities to counteract the harm that JK has done otherwise this means nothing.”

As well as this, a fourth remarked: “Until JK Rowling sells the franchise, I don’t think it’s moral to give it any money or promotion. (You can’t separate art from the artist when they’re still very actively using their platform).”

Offering another perspective, a separate user commented: “I’m going to assume the actors and production staff mean this genuinely and as a middle finger to her that should not be named.”

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