JK Rowling Slams ‘Distasteful’ Russian Pranksters After Practical Joke

JK Rowling Russian Prank: The author has blasted the practical joke that was played on her.
Credit: Alamy & HBO via YouTube

JK Rowling has slammed ‘distasteful’ Russian pranksters after they convinced her she was on Zoom with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ‘Harry Potter’ writer believed she was getting involved with some ‘extensive charitable work in Ukraine’.

However, this wasn’t the case as the famous Russian comedy duo, Vovan and Lexus, tricked her.

Watch footage of JK Rowling being pranked in the clip below…

Discussing the incident, a Rowling spokesperson told the publication: “JK Rowling was approached to talk about her extensive charitable work in Ukraine, supporting children and families who have been affected by the current conflict in the region.

“The video, which has been edited, is a distorted representation of the conversation.”

The footage, which first appeared in The Rowling Library, showed Vovan and Lexus comparing Harry Potter’s scar to the famous ‘Z’ mark that is being placed on Russian military tanks.

The author was also questioned on whether she would change the symbol to a Ukrainian trident due to its connotations.

In response, Rowling answered: “I will look into that. It might be good for me to do something with that myself on social media because I think that will get into the newspapers.

“I didn’t know they were doing that but that’s something I can address personally.”

Elsewhere in the discussion, the comedy duo questioned Rowling on her controversial views.

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At one point, the 56-year-old was asked ‘what gender’ she believed UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is.

Laughing, Rowling commented: “He’s definitely a man, his past history proves he’s definitely a man.”

After footage of the prank has circulated online, hundreds have taken to Twitter and shared their thoughts.

Defending the writer, one tweeted: “Why the hate against Rowling? She’s one of my favourite authors, please.”

However, another added: “That shows how highly she thinks of herself that she believed a president of a country in the midst of a war with bombs raining down on them would want to meet her in any capacity, Jesus wept I’m mortified for her.”

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