‘John Wick’ Dog Breed Could Be ‘Banned In The UK’

John Wick Dog Banned: A UK expert has claimed it's likely the dog breed will be added to the list soon.
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The Belgian Malinois dog breed, which features in the John Wick films, could be ‘banned in the UK,’ claims one expert. 

Jacob Morgan, a leading dog trainer in the UK, told Wales Online that the animal ‘shouldn’t be a family pet’ and warned they could ‘lash out’ if not stimulated.

The owner of the Yorkshire Canine Academy – who owns the breed himself – told the publication: “I can confidently say the Belgian Malinois is not a family pet and especially if you have a full-time job, you don’t have time for this breed.”

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He went on to say that people ‘don’t understand how much attention they need,’ adding: “Just this week I have seen five Belgian Malinois dogs looking to be re-homed via Facebook.

“This is frightening to see as it shows people are buying this breed of dog and not being able to care for them.

“My Belgian Malinois puppy, Stark, is 15 weeks old, and I’m with him most of the day while I train our clients’ dogs.

“But I also have members of staff who can also make sure Stark is getting stimulated by giving him an activity to do every hour. Even as a dog trainer, if it was just me looking after Stark, I’d struggle.”

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Morgan also told the outlet that the breed has a strong hunting instinct, which means it could potentially chase small animals, vehicles or children.

The Belgian Malinois isn’t the only dog breed that may become ‘banned’ in the UK.

Recently, it was reported that French bulldogs and pugs may be added to the list too.

A spokesperson for the Blue Cross told The Sun that the flat-faced creatures are a result of ‘poor breeding,’ commenting: “Ultimately Blue Cross is determined to see the end of the poor breeding of flat-faced dogs and are considering all options both legislative and non-legislative to achieve this.”

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