Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Camille Vasquez Responds To Romance Rumours

Johnny Depp Camille Vasquez: The actor's lawyer has responded to the romance rumours circulating on social media.
Credit: Alamy

Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, has responded to the romance rumours circulating on social media. 

The attorney is believed to have been questioned by reporters when leaving the Fairfax County Courthouse in Virginia.

When asked if she was dating the Pirates of the Caribbean star, she simply responded: “Sorry.”

Watch the moment Camille Vasquez goes and hugs Johnny Depp in the clip below…

In the clips of the moment that have circulated online, she appeared to laugh at the question when encouraged to answer either ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Since the rumours have begun spreading online, a source close to Vasquez is believed to have denied the claims.

An insider reportedly told TMZ that there is ‘nothing going on’ between Depp and his attorney.

Despite this, the actor’s fans have continued to share their thoughts.

Responding to a video of the pair in court, one said: “Massive sparks between them, but all professional until after the case is over.”

Another added: “There is some serious flirting going on.”

According to reports, Vasquez is believed to already be coupled up with a Brit who works in real estate.

Supposedly, the pair have been ‘in a serious relationship’ for ‘several months’.

Amber Heard’s Sister Claims Johnny Depp ‘Joked About Putting Dog In Microwave’

Recently in the trial, Amber Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, testified about Depp’s alleged drug and alcohol abuse.

Claiming it would lead to ‘fights’ between the former couple, she said: “It seemed to oscillate pretty quickly. He’d be sober for a bit then fall off the wagon and it would go back and forth.

“At first Amber was Amber, she was loud, fun, funny, she laughed a lot, was this happy, bright, fun, loving thing surrounded by friends.

“A progression took over such a long period of time. It was like watching a slow-motion gunshot.

“She stopped sleeping, not as loud, not as gregarious.”

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