Legal Experts Weigh In On Johnny Depp’s Chance Of Winning Defamation Case Against Amber Heard

Amber Heard is set to call Johnny Depp as a witness.
Credit: CourtTV via YouTube

Legal experts have weighed in on whether Johnny Depp has a chance of winning his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Media litigation lawyer Alex Wade reportedly told The Independent that the Pirates of the Caribbean star must be able to demonstrate that the actress acted with ‘actual malice against him’ in her 2018 article for The Washington Post, in which he isn’t specifically named.

His legal team will reportedly have the task of proving to the jury that Heard was aware that there could be misinformation within the op-ed. Alternatively, they would need to prove she acted with reckless behaviour by disregarding the truth.

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Entertainment lawyer Mitra Ahouraian went on to explain that for the Aquaman star’s countersuit, she would need to be able to prove that her ex-husband acted in the same stand of ‘actual malice’ in regards to his own allegations.

The expert is believed to have told the publication: “She would have to establish that he knows those things that he put in the complaint are not true, or he doesn’t care if they’re true or not, he just wants to make her look bad.

“She has to show that malicious intent, which is difficult to do, but she has a greater chance of winning if she can show that the statements she made were true.”

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Within the court of law, ‘actual malice’ can be a difficult issue to determine, as it focuses on a person’s true intentions.

An attorney and host on the Law & Crime Network, Jesse Weber, reportedly commented that Depp came across as ‘very strong’.

However, he went on to add that the actor’s alleged use of alcohol and drugs may make him come across as less reliable with his claims.

Weber then explained that Heard is now in the ‘hot seat’ and has the ‘chance to reframe the narrative’.

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