Johnny Depp Rules Out Playing Jack Sparrow In A ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Movie Again

Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean: The actor has ruled out playing Jack Sparrow in the hit Disney franchise again.
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Johnny Depp has ruled out playing Jack Sparrow in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie again. 

The 58-year-old revealed his disinterest in reprising the iconic role during his defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Depp shared his thoughts when the actress’s attorney, Ben Rottenborn, questioned: “The fact is, Mr Depp, if Disney came to you with $300million and a million alpacas, nothing on this earth would get you to go back and work with Disney on a Pirates of the Caribbean film? Correct?”

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The actor simply responded: “That is true, Mr Rottenborn.”

When discussing the hit Disney franchise, Depp also admitted that he had never actually seen the first instalment, titled Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of Black Pearl.

In the trial, he claimed: “I didn’t see it. But I believe that the film did pretty well, apparently, and they wanted to keep going, making more and I was fine to do that.”

When asked how his life had changed after starring in the films, Depp reportedly said: “Cartoon characters can get away with things we can’t.

“Captain Jack Sparrow can do things that I could never do. He could say things that I could never say. So it was for me, a way to stretch the parameters of a character and take a risk in doing that.

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“But if it panned out, and I felt I was on a pretty good mission, I thought that it might be a character who would be accepted by five-year-olds and 45-year-olds, 65-year-olds and 85-year-olds in the same way that Bugs Bunny is.”

When discussing one of his most iconic roles, Depp went on to claim that he knew the character ‘better than the writers’.

He explained: “It’s not like you become that person, but if you know that character to the degree that I did – because he was not what the writers wrote, so they really weren’t able to write for him…

“Once you know the character better than the writers, that’s when you have to be true to the character and add your words.”

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