Reason Johnny Depp ‘Won’t Make Eye Contact With Amber Heard’

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Eye Contact: The reason the actor 'won't make eye contact with ex-wife Amber Heard' has been revealed.
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The reason Johnny Depp ‘won’t make eye contact with ex-wife Amber Heard’ has been revealed in his defamation trial against her. 

The actor’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, was cross-examining the 36-year-old when this was brought up.

Addressing Heard, the lawyer questioned: “He won’t look at you, right?”

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In response, the actress answered: “He can’t.”

Vasquez went on to state: “You know exactly why Mr Depp won’t look at you. He promised you he would never see your eyes again, is that true?”

“I don’t recall that,” Heard testified.

An audio recording of the former couple’s final meeting was then played in the courtroom, which apparently took place in a San Francisco hotel room in 2016. At which point, Heard had already filed for divorce from Depp and reportedly obtained a restraining order.

It’s believed that the Aquaman star attempted to hug the actor, who supposedly refused.

In the recording, Heard reportedly became tearful and said: “Please I just want to hug you and say bye.”

However, Depp refused and responded: “I am nothing to you, and I will always be nothing to you.

“You will not see my eyes again.”

Rumoured Amber Heard Cross-Examination Questions Revealed

Vasquez then asked Heard whether or not Depp had kept to this promise, to which she replied: “As far as I know, he cannot look at me.”

Elsewhere in the trial, the actress claimed that the 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post was about herself.

She alleged: “The only one who thought it was about Johnny is Johnny.

“It’s about me, it’s about what happened to me after Johnny… After I escaped my marriage.

“It’s about me and my life and what I endured once I moved on with my life. The only one who made it about him, ironically, is Johnny.”

Appearing emotional, she added: “I want to move on with my life… I want Johnny to move on.”

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