‘Johnny Depp Shot’ Launched By Bar Sparks Debate

Johnny Depp Won: Experts have identified a 'key moment' that they believe 'helped Johnny Depp win his defamation trial'.
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A ‘Johnny Depp shot’ has been launched by a bar and it has sparked a debate on social media. 

An unknown pub has put together a sign that states customers can discreetly let staff members know they’re in some kind of trouble if they order the drink.

The message reads: “Feeling unsafe or scared, just come to the bar and order a Johnny Depp shot.”

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It goes on to say that if someone orders the shot, they will be ‘escorted out of the building’ and that if it’s ordered on the rocks, a taxi will be arranged. If a customer orders it with a lime, a member of staff will call the police.

The sign concludes: “We will handle things discreetly and without fuss.”

Many people are discussing the unknown bar’s take on the Angel shot, which was designed to help women who may feel ‘unsafe’ or ‘uncomfortable’.

One tweeted: “This is not a bad thing… I’d remember a ‘Johnny Depp shot’ over the one I always forget… the Angel shot. This is good. I hope they put it in the women’s restroom as well.”

“He really is bringing awareness to male victims of abuse,” added another.

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A third commented: “This is so incredible and why it’s important that he stood up and we continue to spread awareness for the issues he brought to light.”

Others took to social media and said they weren’t sure it was a great idea, with one writing: “I love how this code is so easy to crack that it renders itself completely pointless/ineffective and also has the fun added bonus of probably making the Angel shot more widely known to men so that it doesn’t work as well for women anymore.”

A second claimed: “Asking for a Johnny Depp shot is asking to be spiked.”

It’s believed the pub named the drink following Depp’s defamation trial with ex-wife Amber Heard.

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