Experts Identify ‘Key Moment’ That ‘Helped Johnny Depp Win Defamation Trial’

Johnny Depp Won: Experts have identified a 'key moment' that they believe 'helped Johnny Depp win his defamation trial'.
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Experts have identified a ‘key moment’ that they believe ‘helped Johnny Depp win his defamation trial’ against ex-wife Amber Heard. 

A number of lawyers have claimed that Kate Moss’ testimony may have gone a long way in helping the actor win, with one adding that it was a ‘mistake’ for Heard to mention the supermodel.

According to the Daily Mail, New York attorney Nicole Haff said her testimony would have a ‘big effect’ on the jury.

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Speaking before the verdict was announced, the lawyer reportedly told the publication: “When someone brings up something in their examination and [you feel] it’s wrong, you can basically call another witness to impeach that testimony.

“By bringing Kate Moss on to testify, she can obviously disprove [Heard’s claim] or bring Heard’s testimony into question, which generally has a big effect on the jury – if they can’t trust what she says.”

She added: “I would say it’s a misstep [on Heard’s part]. I would say this is a mistake because it is going to open the door for Moss to come in to testify, and it’s believed she’s going to give very favourable testimony [for Depp].”

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Mitra Ahouraian, an entertainment lawyer based in California, also told the New York Post: “That’s one mistake that [Heard] made, was bringing up Kate Moss.”

The 36-year-old mentioned Moss when testifying about an alleged fight that the couple supposedly had back in March 2015.

Recounting the incident, Heard told the jury at one point she ‘instantly thought about Kate Moss and the stairs’.

Following the trial, the jury ruled that the actress had defamed Depp in her 2018 op-ed for The Washington Post.

It was ordered that she ‘pay $15million in damages,’ which was ‘reduced to $10million’ because of the statutory limitations on damages.

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